Thank you for visiting Brad Clark Construction. We are a full service contractor and provide a complete range of services to help you tackle even your most complex home improvement project. Our most popular services are kitchen and bath remodels, living area upgrades, exterior improvements, exterior and interior decorative woodwork and framing, foundation work, electrical, and general home repair. We will perform all framing, foundation, and electrical work for your project and where necessary, will hire from our stable of construction professionals, hand picked for excellence in their chosen craft to complete supplemental projects as necessary.

Kitchen and Bath Remodelling

We have performed hundreds of kitchen and bath remodels, no two alike. Custom construction is suited to your needs and we are equipped to help you design the kitchen or bath of your dreams. If your design is being provided by an architect or interior designer, our skilled craftsmen can expertly execute the provided plans to a T. From demolition to framework, countertops, cabinets, electrical, lighting, flooring, and decorative tiling, we have a long history of satisfied customers that can attest to our expertise and professionalism.

Custom Woodwork and Foundations

Our greatest area of expertise and how we started. Proper framing and strong foundations are the cornerstones to any home improvement project. We take great pride in building the “bones” of your project to the highest standards so that not only will your project look beautiful but also provide you piece of mind that any work we perform will be built to last.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Whenever possible and when requested we will re-use and recycle materials for use in your project. Not only is it socially responsible, but can often be a money saver. Often during the initial consultation phase, we can spot excellent materials that might be lost in demolition that could effectively be re-used for your new construction. Especially in cases where old material is of higher quality than materials currently available on the market, we can not only save you money, but often, we can produce even more beautiful work than you originally imagined.

Full Service Contracting

Especially in construction, no one person is an expert in all fields. This is where experience and the knowledge of the best construction professionals in the Sacramento area makes us most valuable to you, our customer. Where we are unable to provide services ourselves, we have worked hard to build a network of hardworking, trustworthy professionals, all experts in their chosen craft. It is essential to our business and the satisfaction of our customers, that we provide workmanship of the highest quality and hold our sub-contractors to the same standards we hold ourselves.